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Blake A. Hartman

Benefit Consultant


TDLR: 17267

Welcome to All Occasion Auctioneers!

A live auction is a great addition to any fundraiser!  Ensuring you hire a professional licensed auctioneer who specializes in charity and benefit auctions, who can consult with your organization, and assist in proper planning are all key in maximizing your guests giving potential.  I invite you to call me to discuss your upcoming benefit, and look forward to helping you make your event an occasion to remember!

Maximize your donors giving potential and make your event an occasion to remember!

Troy Scalco


TDLR: 17269


"Thank you for your hard work, valuable input and suggestions for our 32nd Annual Auction!  We know that the "Run Around" created some additional work for you as an auctioneer, but it generated $7,200 in donations at the close of the auction!  This year we broke all previous records and raised $114,000 to support the Hays Caldwell Women's Center!"                        

                                                                                                                                                                               Kay Wilson - HCWC Chair, 32nd Annual Auction

"I had only seven months to plan our auction, and Blake was tremendously helpful!  He took the time to meet with me and share best practices from other auctions he had been part of.  He gave me a better understanding of our silent auction goals, and the types of items that generate the most excitement in a live auction.  Blake attended our committee meetings leading up to the event, and his feedback was instrumental in planning how the event would unfold.  At the event, Blake led an exciting live auction and did not hesitate to step in when needed, making announcements, selling raffle tickets, and announcing the winners of our raffles.  I appreciate that Blake invests so much of his time and passion into his auctioneering businesses and that he asks for his client’s feedback so that he can build upon his own strengths, and then offers his feedback to help us continually raise the bar moving forward.  He is thoughtful, very easy to work with, and hope to work with Blake for many years to come!"


                                                                                                                    Courtney Laverty - Development Director, Connections Individual & Family Services

There are a few things you should consider before hiring an auctioneer for your event:

  • Where did you receive your formal training in the auction industry?
  • What specialized training have you done specifically for benefit auctions?
  • Are you a member of any professional organizations or associations within the auction industry?
  • Do you hold any specific designations through these professional organizations or associations?
  • Do you prefer to work with professional bid spotters or with volunteers and why?
  • Do you offer any consultation in regards to the structure of event?
  • If we have already acquired donors that will pledge a specific amount the night of the event will you make a percentage or commission off of this pre-acquired pledge?
  • If we have items that are consigned for the live auction or have reserves will you make a percentage or commission off the items sold?
  • Do you have any advanced techniques to get thousands of dollars from a crowd above and beyond the live auction?

Consider this, why would you pay a caterer or band for their professional services at your event, but not your auctioneer?  A professional licensed auctioneer is your key revenue generator of the entire event.  Do you want to leave this important task up to just anyone?