My first auction debut was at a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity in Cuero, Texas.  Of course Col. Joe Adams was the auctioneer and there were a ton of baked goods being sold.  Joe knew I was interested in auctioneering so he invited me up to call a few bids and auction off some cakes and cookies.  There's no doubt I was nervous, and at that time, I had never called an auction before, nor did I have a chant.  After I stepped off stage my fellow colleagues let me know that every time I was about to start the bid, I asked "How much you goin' give me for that booger?"  Needless to say that boogers and baked goods are not the perfect pair.  The crowd got a kick out of it though, so I still consider it a success!

I moved to Buda, Texas in 2007 and began to get more involved with community events.  I served on Chamber boards, and volunteered on different fundraising committees, and it seemed like every organization wanted to have a live auction.  Of course I served as the auctioneer!  This is where I began developing my chant and started to build a reputation for myself in the community!  It was at this point that I decided to step up my game, make the commitment, and go to auction school! 

The Texas Auction Academy is where I learned about auction law, general basic auctioneering, and the multiple facets of the auction industry.  Needless to say, we also worked on our chants with multiple tongue twisting drills and "Betty Botters."

After I receiving my license, and participating in many different organization events, I decided to take my auction education a step further and obtain specialized training from the National Auctioneer's Association, Education Institute specifically covering fundraising and benefit auctions. 

This means that I have completed area specific, professional training in how to conduct a gala benefit and charity auction.  The courses focus on fundraising components of the auction event, item acquisition, revenue enhancers, audience development, and public relations. 

​I continue to further my education in the industry and am a proud member of the Texas Auctioneers Association.

​​​​Maximize your donors giving potential and make your event an occasion to remember! 

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Troy Scalco and I met while attending the Texas Auction Academy and instantly we created a long-term friendship.  This friendship has developed into a professional and effective auction team fit for any occasion. 

Troy was born in Port Arthur, graduated from Northbrook High School in the Spring Branch area of Houston, and is a graduate of Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education. Troy has been a Katy, Texas resident for over 30 years, and has proudly served as a Texas Peace Officer for over 20 years.

His passion for the auction industry began at a young age when he would go to the local

livestock auctions ​with his grandfather.  The excitement of the auction industry and commitment to public service led Troy to become and auctioneer and professional ringman!  Troy is a graduate from the Texas Auction Academy, and has furthered his auction education by attending the Professional Ringmen's Institute and obtaining his PRI designation.  He is also a proud member of the Texas Auctioneer Association. 

With his study of techniques, his drive to do his best, and a natural talent to entertain, Troy is deemed an asset to our live auction team!    Troy’s goal is to help you raise the most money and have fun doing it.  Troy has a special place in his heart for charity and benefit auctions.

How does all this help you?  You can be assured that we are current with the most up-to-date trends in the benefit auction industry and can consult with your organization on methods to maximize your donors giving potential and help make your event an occasion to remember!

My name is Blake Hartman.  My passion for auctioneering began in Cuero, Texas.  I grew up on a small farm where I helped my Dad manage roughly 80 head of cattle.  Of course I was involved in 4-H and FFA and raised steers for the Cuero Livestock Show.  This experience taught me about hard work, commitment, responsibility, and about the rewards that follow. 

Every time I had the opportunity to step into the sale ring, auctioneer Col. Joe Adams made you feel like a superstar and made sure that you would get top dollar for your project. If he thought your current bid was not high enough, he would stop in the middle of his chant, tell a short story, and I'll be darned if he didn't raise a few hundred extra, every time!

I graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Agricultural Economics with a focus on Rural Entrepreneurship.

Blake A. Hartman

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